Tempo Matador Campervan
Year: 1952   Engine: 1200   Color:

Details: Hard to imagine but there was a time that a 30HP VW engine was enought to conquer the European landscape. No stress, no hurry, just enjoying your trip to your next destination. If we look at the design of this mobilhome, how stunning does it look. That typical Tempo Matador face, it just doesnt look realistic and that makes it so special. A cartoon car that you can actual drive! This rare Swedish conversion was made in the fifties. Its body is made of aluminium. The previous owner started to dismantle it for a full resto, but never had the time to finish it. It is an excellent base to start with. No mayor rust issues. What we can see is that most of the hard to find parts are present. Very nice project what can look amazing when finished. Who wants something unique that belongs to the heritage of VW.