Golf GTI Mk 1 with only 21 KM
Year: 1983   Engine: 1800   Color: Marsred

Details: Very interesting matching # Golf Mk1 GTI. It was built at 1 september 1983 but left the factory 2 years later on the 17th of september 1985. I have no idea why. Was it a pressvehicle, or forgotten, we dont know. It is one of the last production serie of 4200 pieces and went to Switzerland when sold new. The person who restored it, bought it there. Although it was not a bad GTI, he dismantled it and put it back together after cleaning it, rebuilidng parts, new paint, powdercoating etc. Now we have here one of the best GTI's on the market. One of the very last ever built. Factory delivered with sunroof and an electrical antenna. No work needed. Just drive it. And yes, they are fun to drive. Where you can only carry 2 adults in a 911, in the GTI you can drive with 4, that means a lot more fun!