Wanted VW Campervans&Busses volkswagen
Wanted VW Campervans&Busses

Wanted clean and straight vw campers and buses. We import worldwide s... read more >

Baywindow 7 seater volkswagen
Baywindow 7 seater

Nice 7 seater baywindow. Runs and drives but could use a tune-up as... read more >

1303 Convertible Triple White volkswagen
1303 Convertible Triple White

VW 1303 convertible bug. Solid, runs great. Some optical work to do.... read more >

Amazing Baywindow Berlin volkswagen
Amazing Baywindow Berlin

Ex-Californian Westfalia Berlin. Lowered on dropped spindels,... read more >

Original paint T25 camper volkswagen
Original paint T25 camper

T25 Vanagon GL. Sleeps 2, has a swivel seat and is apart from a touch... read more >

German 15 window with walk thru option volkswagen
German 15 window with walk thru opt

Wow what a cool bus! Rare 15 window deluxe bus with the even rarer... read more >

Lemonyellow Ghia cabriolet volkswagen
Lemonyellow Ghia cabriolet

Very well preserved 1974 ghia in the rare lemonyellow color. No rust... read more >

Swedish Rubin Red bug volkswagen
Swedish Rubin Red bug

Nice unspoiled original Swedish bug. Matching#, original interior. No... read more >

Splitscreen Campervan volkswagen
Splitscreen Campervan

Splitscreen campervan, restored 10 years ago but that is hardly... read more >

beautifull 71 Baywindow Westfalia volkswagen
beautifull 71 Baywindow Westfalia

Perfectly restored. The base vehicle was an original paint Westfalia... read more >

Like new Westfalia Berlin volkswagen
Like new Westfalia Berlin

Maybe the nicest one available on the market right now. Check the... read more >

Splitscreen SO42 Westfalia volkswagen
Splitscreen SO42 Westfalia

Rustfree SO42 Westfalia Camper with its original furniture!Delivered... read more >

Og paint early bay westy! volkswagen
Og paint early bay westy!

Original paint Westy. Imported a couple of years ago from Arizona.... read more >

1967 Callook convertible volkswagen
1967 Callook convertible

Amazing built. 67 vert with 2100cc Type 1 engine. Stunning vehicle in... read more >

Porsche 356A T1 volkswagen
Porsche 356A T1

Outlaw 356 A T1, stunning and classy vehicle. Recently imported from... read more >

Lowlight Ghia volkswagen
Lowlight Ghia

Correctly restored Lowlight Ghia.No issues. Step in and enjoy.Rare to... read more >

Og paint Westy to restore volkswagen
Og paint Westy to restore

Only 9950 euro. All complete. Does come with a 2000cc engine. Berlin... read more >

Unrestored original paint 71 deluxe volkswagen
Unrestored original paint 71 deluxe

Early Bay from 1971, all original seats present, all original paint.... read more >

Baywindow Westy Berlin volkswagen
Baywindow Westy Berlin

Baywindow Westfalia Berlin with Automatik gearbox! Best of all... read more >

Westfalia SO70 Automatik volkswagen
Westfalia SO70 Automatik

Stunning 73 Westfalia. Its body is perfect. Sidepanels shine like a... read more >

13 window deluxe, German made volkswagen
13 window deluxe, German made

Rustfree 13 window deluxe. Drives great. Fabulous interior and no... read more >

1971 deluxe in OG condition volkswagen
1971 deluxe in OG condition

Unspoiled deluxe. Did not had a hard life and everything grew old... read more >

70ties style Early bay deluxe volkswagen
70ties style Early bay deluxe

Awesome 70ties style deluxe. No rust, drives great. Lots of $... read more >

59000 km volkswagen
59000 km

56000 KM Yukon yellow convertible.Apart from an outer respray all... read more >

Porsche 356C 1600S volkswagen
Porsche 356C 1600S

Coming soon. Togobrown 356C "S" coupe. Matching#, no rust,... read more >

type 3 Ponton €12950 volkswagen
type 3 Ponton €12950

Nice original unspoiled Type 3. Runs great, original interior.... read more >

Barndoor Panelvan volkswagen
Barndoor Panelvan

Nice 1955 Barndoor panelvan.Runs and drives great. No rust. Perfect... read more >

Baywindow with Sunroof volkswagen
Baywindow with Sunroof

Sunroof Baywindow. All seats present. Very good body.Minimal rust and... read more >

Rare 58 Microbus volkswagen
Rare 58 Microbus

Awesome Kombi from 1956. Many og details still present like its... read more >

Volkswagen SP2 volkswagen
Volkswagen SP2

SP2. Sold new in Spain in 1974.Now 140.000 KM on the speedometer. No... read more >

Karmann Ghia Cabriolet volkswagen
Karmann Ghia Cabriolet

Stunning original 64 Karmann Ghia convertible.Perfect body, never had... read more >

80.000KM 928 volkswagen
80.000KM 928

928S from 1984. it was sold new in Spain and after that it went to... read more >

Ragtop Oval Beetle volkswagen
Ragtop Oval Beetle

Nice survivor. Mostly still in its og paint, for sure around 95% or... read more >

Unfinished restoration Samba project volkswagen
Unfinished restoration Samba projec

Nice project to finish. 75% restored. All parts for assembly come... read more >

Unspoiled early bay deluxe volkswagen
Unspoiled early bay deluxe

Unspoiled original deluxe bus. Engine runs great. Minimal rust,... read more >

Splitbug in need of restoration volkswagen
Splitbug in need of restoration

Splitbug to restore. Later 30HP engine (runs)Needs welding in usual... read more >

T34 Razoredge 2 owners volkswagen
T34 Razoredge 2 owners

Nice fixer upper.Original white T34 with red interior.80.000 KM since... read more >

Porsche 912 Softwindow Targa volkswagen
Porsche 912 Softwindow Targa

Porsche 912 Rare softwindow Targa.Engine is matching and... read more >

Rustfree Californian Porsche 911T volkswagen
Rustfree Californian Porsche 911T

F model Porsche 911T from 1970. Recently imported from California.... read more >

Volkswagen Beetle 1961 volkswagen
Volkswagen Beetle 1961

Beautifull 1961 Beetle 1200. It was bought out of a private... read more >

3.2 Carrera, 66000 miles 1985 volkswagen
3.2 Carrera, 66000 miles 1985

Early 3.2 Carrera. Only 66000 miles since new (Carfax present). No... read more >

1970 Westy volkswagen
1970 Westy

OG factory delivered Westy. Runs and drives ok. Cali import. Great... read more >

Red 13 window deluxe volkswagen
Red 13 window deluxe

Stunning German made (Not Brasil) original 13 window bus. Rare walk... read more >

Rare SO62 Westy volkswagen
Rare SO62 Westy

On its way from USASolid and straight SO62.Runs and drivesVery rare... read more >

Westy 1968 GBP11500 volkswagen
Westy 1968 GBP11500

Californian import. Early first model baywindow Westfalia. Great... read more >

5 door Golf Mk1 volkswagen
5 door Golf Mk1

Unspoiled original Golf Mk1Runs great, only 135000 KM since new.Never... read more >

Patina volkswagen

Awesome and all og early bay sunroof bus. Og blackplate bus. Fully... read more >

Kieft&Klok Quality volkswagen
Kieft&Klok Quality

We are worldwide known for our quality.That is why we are continously... read more >

Tizian Red Samba volkswagen
Tizian Red Samba

Awesome original 21 samba. Restored a couple of years ago back to og... read more >

Wanted baywindow bus volkswagen
Wanted baywindow bus

Wanted original and not lowered or modified baywindow buses.... read more >