Wanted baywindow bus volkswagen
Wanted baywindow bus

Let us know if you have anything for saleinfo@kieftenklok.nl or... read more >

5 speed 1303 carrera volkswagen
5 speed 1303 carrera

Real German looker. Built in the nineties. No expenses are saved to... read more >

1957 Splitscreen Kombi volkswagen
1957 Splitscreen Kombi

Awesome Kombi from 1957. Many og details still present like its... read more >

Baywindow Westfalia Camper volkswagen
Baywindow Westfalia Camper

Nice and clean 1973 model Westfalia. Its interior looks like new!... read more >

Baywindow Westfalia Berlin volkswagen
Baywindow Westfalia Berlin

Nice original baywindow Berlin in "Champagne"edition. Runs great. No... read more >

1955 VW Oval window volkswagen
1955 VW Oval window

Very nice original oval window from 1955. Runs great, perfect floors... read more >

Barndoor Panelvan volkswagen
Barndoor Panelvan

Barndoor Panelban from 31st of january 1955. It was sold new to... read more >

Type 3 notchback volkswagen
Type 3 notchback

Very early Notchback. Great patina, looks to be mostly og paint!... read more >

1302 rally Bug volkswagen
1302 rally Bug

Nice rally bug. No rust issues, drives great. Rebuilt 1776 engine,... read more >

59000 km volkswagen
59000 km

56000 KM Yukon yellow convertible.Apart from an outer respray all... read more >

Italian Golf Mk1 volkswagen
Italian Golf Mk1

40 years old Golf MK1, imported from dry Italy. Never restored,... read more >

1600TD T25 Camper volkswagen
1600TD T25 Camper

Only €8950, runs great, 5 speed 1600 turbodiesel. No significant... read more >

Karmann Lowlight volkswagen
Karmann Lowlight

Correctly restored Lowlight Ghia.No issues. Step in and enjoy.Rare to... read more >

Early bay Westfalia crossover volkswagen
Early bay Westfalia crossover

T2 a/b crossover. Westfalia campingcar. Rustfree example. Perfectly... read more >

Patina Oval window volkswagen
Patina Oval window

1953 Oval, unrestored with an amazing patina.First year of the oval... read more >

Barndoor Combi volkswagen
Barndoor Combi

Needs to be restored, some parts included.... read more >

Westfalia SO70 Automatik volkswagen
Westfalia SO70 Automatik

Stunning 73 Westfalia. Its body is perfect. Sidepanels shine like a... read more >

Splitscreen Campervan volkswagen
Splitscreen Campervan

Splitscreen campervan, restored 10 years ago but that is hardly... read more >

Green 1.7 Porsche 914 volkswagen
Green 1.7 Porsche 914

Californian import 914. Has been sitting for a while. Looks very... read more >

Dove blue splitscreen camper volkswagen
Dove blue splitscreen camper

For Sale: 1959 camper. Parked and never driven again when she was 15... read more >

Rubinred Swedish beetle volkswagen
Rubinred Swedish beetle

Nice unspoiled original Swedish bug. Matching#, original interior. No... read more >

Limeyellow Karmann Convertible volkswagen
Limeyellow Karmann Convertible

Very well preserved 1974 ghia in the rare lemonyellow color. No rust... read more >

Patina 912 volkswagen
Patina 912

Matching # Karmann built, 1968 Porsche 912. Mainly rust issues are in... read more >

Porsche 914 2.0 green volkswagen
Porsche 914 2.0 green

Nice unspoiled and very clean 914 2.0. Runs great. Nearly perfect... read more >

Silver 1972 Porsche 914 volkswagen
Silver 1972 Porsche 914

Just arrived from California. Matching # 1972 Porsche 1700cc 80HP... read more >

Splitbeetle 1951 volkswagen
Splitbeetle 1951

Splitbeetle from 1951, runs great (30HP), many original details and... read more >

Porsche 356B Project volkswagen
Porsche 356B Project

Original 356B Project. Not complete. Does come with an engine but not... read more >

Ragtop Oval Beetle ragtop  volkswagen
Ragtop Oval Beetle ragtop

Just arrived. Imported from Germany. Original Golde Oval beetle.... read more >

T25 Syncro, subaru powered volkswagen
T25 Syncro, subaru powered

T25 Syncro, fitted with a professional installed 2000cc Subaru Legacy... read more >

Baywindow Crewcab volkswagen
Baywindow Crewcab

Early baywindow crewcab. Imported from Texas. Almost no rust! Runs... read more >

Splitscreen Campervan volkswagen
Splitscreen Campervan

Californian Splitscreen campervan. Very solid, minimal welding to do.... read more >

Early bay deluxe patina volkswagen
Early bay deluxe patina

On its way from California, all og.... read more >

Splitscreen Panelvan volkswagen
Splitscreen Panelvan

Splitscreen Panelvan with a camper interior. Runs great, no rust... read more >

Early Baywindow, stunning volkswagen
Early Baywindow, stunning

Restored by us. Technical and optical completely gone thru. The base... read more >

1967 Splitscreen Camper volkswagen
1967 Splitscreen Camper

1967 Splitscreen camper. Engine runs great. Awesome patina and... read more >

Wanted VW Campervans&Busses volkswagen
Wanted VW Campervans&Busses

Wanted clean and straight vw campers and buses. We import worldwide s... read more >

Rustfree Californian Porsche 911T volkswagen
Rustfree Californian Porsche 911T

F model Porsche 911T from 1970. Recently imported from California.... read more >

Karmann Ghia, as new volkswagen
Karmann Ghia, as new

Amazing Karmann Ghia coupe. Perfect lines and fittings of doors.... read more >

59 Swedish beetle volkswagen
59 Swedish beetle

Original 59 Swedish beetle. Apart from an extrenal paintjob years ago... read more >

Og paint Westy to restore volkswagen
Og paint Westy to restore

Only 9950 euro. All complete. Does come with a 2000cc engine. Berlin... read more >

Kieft&Klok Quality volkswagen
Kieft&Klok Quality

We are worldwide known for our quality.That is why we are continously... read more >