Openingstijden April 2019

We zijn de volgende dagen gesloten: Maandag 21 April (tweede Paasdag) Zaterdag 27 April (Koningsdag)


We hebben andere openingstijden. Werkplaats: Maandag tot zaterdag 7.30 tot 16.30 Onderdelen magazijn: Maandag tot vrijdag 9.00 tot 18.00 Zaterdag 9.00 tot 16.30 De koopavond is komen te vervallen.

Wanted: Vintage Volkswagens!
Wanted: Vintage Volkswagens! volkswagen
Wanted: Vintage Volkswagens!
Het echte verhaal achter de Karmann Ghia Sport.
Kieft&Klok Quality

We are worldwide known for our quality.That is why we are continously searching for nice untouched volkswagens. We have connections around the world which are helping us finding these beauties. When you are searching for a splitbeetle or a 1977 camper, we can help you find this car. Are you looking for a ready to go vehicle or a special model for restauration, please check the for sale list at our website. If the vehicle is not at our for sale list, please sent us an email ( ) or call us, there is a big chance we can help you out! If you want to import your new at Kieft & Klok purchased car, we can help you out to tell you what you need to do. All vehicles at our for sale list are for European Economic Union members tax free to import. You only have to register and MOT them, costs for the UK in total about 90 GBP.