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We are worldwide known for our quality.That is why we are continously searching for nice untouched volkswagens. We have connections around the world which are helping us finding these beauties. When you are searching for a splitbeetle or a 1977 camper, we can help you find this car. Are you looking for a ready to go vehicle or a special model for restauration, please check the for sale list at our website. If the vehicle is not at our for sale list, please sent us an email ( ) or call us, there is a big chance we can help you out! If you want to import your new at Kieft & Klok purchased car, we can help you out to tell you what you need to do. All vehicles at our for sale list are for European Economic Union members tax free to import. You only have to register and MOT them, costs for the UK in total about 90 GBP.

Wanted VW Campervans&Busses

Wanted clean and straight vw campers and buses. We import worldwide s please offer what you have got with fotos and price to

Succes Harold !

After many years of having incredible fun and being blessed to do something with my aircooled passion on a daily basis, I (Harold) will leave Kieft en klok.

I've learned a lot, enjoyed every minute of every single labour day and made sooo much new friends. I will defenitely miss being part of this awesome company ! Ofcourse I will enjoy my aircooled hobby 4 life, so I will still see you all at many "aircooled" occasions. I've found a new job at a (regular)car company wich offers plenty of opportunities and is 9 km's from home. This is a nice advantage compared to the 100 km's I travel every day at this moment. In addition to that new job I'll start up my own company called "Trade Aid" In short: I will offer my marketing/trade services to help companies get rid of old stock or other stuff they want to get rid of.

I want to thank Maurice, Gert and all my colleagues (including ex colleagues Marcel and Tim) for everythin

Kever Ghia Kubel parts nodig ?

Just a reminder ! Wij werken ook samen met Paruzzi en kunnen ALLES dat zij in hun programma hebben leveren tegen ZEER SCHERPE PRIJZEN ! Dus ook je Kever onderdelen Ghia onderdelen etc. Bestellingen met PARUZZI ONDERDEELNUMMERS mailen naar: Onderdelen zijn af te halen in Renkum (omgeving Arnhem) of worden verstuurd voor €5,- (binnen NL tarief)

19/06/15 - 21/06/15
Bad Camberg

3 woorden ..........Zeeer zeldzame auto's !!!